Construction News

Construction Starting January 30th!!

Stanly County Habitat for Humanity

Homeowners of House # 47 Owens Family

Hello my name is Jerrita Owens, first and foremost let me give God all the thanks praise and glory for my journey. I am the single mother of two amazing children which are my heart and soul. I have always dreamed of owning my own home for my family. I didn't know at time how it would happen, but I was determined. While doing volunteer work for a friend at the retail store I found out about the Habitat program. I started asking questions about the program and she advised me to apply. 

 Our family's journey started in 2012, at times it was uphill battle. I had to keep telling myself that God had not brought me this far to leave me, that he would see me through. I had to grow to understand that things don’t always happen we want it, and he has his reasons..... He brought so many wonderful people into my life, many of you are here today, and I would like to say thanks. Without you guys all this would not been possible. You have helped me achieve my dreams. And I say to everyone out there never give up, never give in, trust in God, dreams can become reality.